Send bulk SMS directly from ActiveDataTools

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with to provide bulk SMS messaging directly from ActiveDataTools.

This fantastic new feature means that you can now open up some data (from any data source supported by ActiveDataTools), filter and query to find the data you want to work with, cleanse to remove invalid mobile phone numbers and then send bulk messages to all recipients.

It’s incredibly fast, reliable and easy to do. The possibilities are endless:

  • Send text messages to customers to inform them about a new product or service
  • Message your staff to warn them about traffic or urgent issues.
  • Reply by text to prospects enquiring on your website
  • Send reminders, warnings, notifications, alarms, etc.

The whole process is completely integrated in to ActiveDataTools. Let’s step through the process.

To start, let’s open up a worksheet containing our customers’ details. In this example, all we need is each customer’s mobile phone number.

Sending bulk SMS

Now that we’ve got the data on screen, we can use ActiveDataTools’s data cleansing features to tidy up incorrect mobile numbers, or we could use the filtering and querying features to create a subset of the full data. Once we’ve cleaned up the data, the next step is to click the “Send Bulk SMS” button.

Sending bulk SMS

The first time you do this, most of the options will be greyed out because we need to set up our TxtLocal account. Let’s click on the Set up my TxtLocal account button…

Sending bulk SMS

We can type in our TxtLocal account details here. If you are a new user, you would click on the Register a new account link here to create a new TxtLocal account. This will launch your browser and take you to the registration page. You can also purchase credits here.

Sending bulk SMS

Once your TxtLocal account is set up, all the options in the Send SMS Text Messages screen are then available to you. Notice how the system shows you how many credits you have remaining on your account. (If you need to top up, you can go to your TxtLocal account page.)

Sending bulk SMS

To send SMS messages, we need to go through the simple options. For the recipient, you can opt either to send a list of messages to the same destination or, more likely, to several destinations. Simply select the field in your worksheet that corresponds to the mobile number here.

Next we specify the message. This can either be a fixed message or you can select a field from the worksheet if you want to pick a specific message for each recipient. Your message can be up to 612 characters (4 pages) long.

When you’ve specified the recipient and the message, you’re ready to go. Now we click on the Send now button. At this point, ActiveDataTools works out the approximate number of credits that your request will cost. You can cancel the messages at this point.

If you decide to proceed, ActiveDataTools sends the request to TxtLocal’s servers and SMS delivery starts instantly.

When the request has been sent, a summary worksheet is displayed in ActiveDataTools, showing you the status and cost of each message.

Sending bulk SMS

That’s it! So, in summary, you can send hundreds of thousands of SMS text messages quickly and reliably through ActiveDataTools, using data from your corporate systems.